Personal Injury Case Results

These are just a few of the hundreds of cases we have settled or tried to a verdict over the years.

  • Carol A. $99,000 Settlement of rear-end car crash case requiring repeat of prior neck surgery.
  • Liz B. $121,993.66 (all available insurance proceeds) Settlement of semi truck / car crash requiring radio frequency neurotomy (RFN) of cervical facet joints for treatment of neck pain.
  • Ann Marie B. $50,000 (total liability insurance limits) Settlement of rear-end collision that caused neck injuries requiring surgery.
  • Bill H. $200,000 (all available liability insurance and underinsured motorist insurance limits) Multiple injuries to passenger in a one-car off road rollover.
  • Howie H. $50,000 (total liability insurance limits) Settlement of motorcycle/car crash causing shoulder injuries that required surgery.
  • Zach K. $108,000 (total liability limits plus underinsured motorist settlement) Settlement for mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) caused when driver of pickup accelerated unexpectedly, causing passenger in open bed of truck to be ejected.
  • Chris M. $225,000 Settlement for head-on collision causing neck injuries and unrelenting headache, treated with several radio frequency neurotomies (RFN’s) of cervical facet joints.
  • Lisa P. $50,000 (all available liability insurance limits) Settlement of mild traumatic brain injury case (MTBI) resulting from rear-end car crash.
  • Josh P. $50,000 (all available liability insurance limits) Drunk driver rear-ended client’s car at high speed, causing back injuries and surgery.
  • Ed R. $110,000 (all available liability insurance plus underinsured motorist settlement) Shoulder and head injuries caused when car pulled out in front of motorcycle.
  • Josiah E. $100,000 (all available liability insurance limits) Left turning car caused head-on crash and serious wrist / arm fractures. Plates and screws inserted to fix broken bones. Hardware removed later due to irritation with motion.
  • Mark A. $1,640,000 for burn injuries caused by gas explosion and fire at a rented lake cabin.
  • Jesse A. $155,000 plus $80,000 for medical bills resulting from neck injuries and surgery caused by rollover accident/drunk driver.