Family Law Questions

Do you offer a free consult?

Yes, our office offers a free phone consult on family law matters.

What counties do you handle family law matters in?

An attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota can handle cases in any county in Minnesota.

Can you represent both of us in a divorce?

If you are seeking representation in a family law matter our attorneys can only represent one of you. If you are looking for a neutral to provide ADR (mediation, early neutral evaluation, parenting consultant, or parenting time expediting services) then we can provide services as a neutral in which neither party is represented by the neutral.

Do you handle grandparent rights?

Yes, in some instances we are able to assist grandparents. The most common type of representation we can provide is when a grandparent wants to get custody of a grandchild who has been left in their care without a parent present.

How long will it take me to get divorced?

The length of time it takes someone to get divorced really depends on how well the parties can work together to get their case resolved and how much time it will take the parties to gather the information needed to finalize their divorce. While the length of time can vary dramatically most divorces can be completed within three months to a year.

Does it make any difference who starts the divorce?

The court does not treat the person who starts a divorce any differently than the person who responds to a divorce. The person who starts the divorce however may get to choose which county the divorce is filed in if the parties live in two different counties.

Do I have to share my retirement account with my spouse in our divorce?

Minnesota law provides for an equitable division of assets and liabilities in a divorce. What this means is that we have to look at all the things the parties own and what they owe to creditors. Then once we know what the parties owe and own we can try to make a division of the assets and debts which may include a dividing retirement accounts.

Can my spouse tell me I have to leave our house?

The parties each have an equal right to stay in their house until they agree who should stay or the court decides.