Other Legal Questions

Many of our clients call us for a quick question or a referral to an attorney in another field or practice area. The lawyers at Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm are well connected with the legal and business community, and can direct you to some of the best attorneys in Minnesota.

Our networks include real estate lawyers, estate planners, criminal defense and DWI attorneys, employment lawyers, business attorneys, workers compensation and disability lawyers, to name a few.

We also have contacts with accountants, bankers, investment advisors, insurance agents and many others who will deliver the same high quality service as we do at Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law firm.

It never hurts to have a personal referral. That’s how we have met most of our clients, and we are happy to provide the same service to you. Call us if you have a legal question or problem, even if you know we don’t handle that type of law. We can help you find the right professional to handle it.