Child Support

Child support considers the transfer of money from one parent to another to help pay for the essential needs of a child such as housing, food, clothing and other day-to-day expenses. Child support questions are often part of a divorce, custody matter or a paternity matter. Once child support is established many things can come up that can cause the amount of support to change.

There are several different types of support:

  • Basic child support (housing, food, clothing);
  • Medical/dental support (insurance premiums and non-covered expenses); and
  • Childcare expenses

Many people will attempt to run their own child support calculations online but there are several things that can make running those numbers confusing:

  • What is “gross income” and “potential income”?
  • Are there other non-joint  children?
  • Is one party paying spousal support?
  • What are the percentages of parenting time to each parent?
  • Are there other orders for child support?
  • Who is carrying the insurance and what are the dependent premiums?
  • Are there childcare expenses being incurred?
  • Is there any public assistance being provided?

Child support questions don’t just come up when a child is first born, or when parties divorce, but as incomes and expenses change parents often want to review child support to make sure that the right amounts are being paid. While figuring out child support may seem like plugging numbers into a calculator some situations can be very tricky.

If you have questions about how much support you should be paying or receiving we have the experience and knowledge to help.