Distracted Driving / Texting and Driving

Probably the majority of today’s car accidents and personal injuries are caused by inattention. Drivers text or talk while driving. Studies show that these tasks are not compatible with keeping one’s attention on driving. But inattentive driving is not limited to these examples. Inattentive driving involves anything that takes a drivers eyes off the road, or diverts attention to something other than the job of driving safely. People hit other cars at stop signs because they are fiddling with the radio or reaching for something in the car. Sometimes drivers are lost, and looking for street signs or at a map. The number of ways a driver can be paying less than full attention to their driving is endless.

At Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm, we can’t say we have seen it all, because new cases continue to surprise us with the ways drivers can be doing something other than just driving.

If someone’s failure to pay attention to their driving has resulted in an accident, call the lawyers at Bolt Hoffer Boyd for a free consultation about your injuries and case.