Construction Accidents

On the job injuries can be life changing. They happen in an instant, but can cause long term consequences. Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work, even though most contractors and employers do their best to take precautions against injury to good employees. The combination of heavy equipment and construction materials, working in unprotected areas high off the ground, unguarded fall points, and many people working on the same construction project at the same time too often results in someone getting hurt on the job.

Workers compensation should cover the medical bills, and some of the lost wages, but workers compensation benefits are limited and do not cover all of an injured worker’s losses. Sometimes workers compensation insurers refuse legitimate benefits claims, or will not pay medical bills that are related to the injury. Often, the injury is a result of another contractor’s fault. A claim against the at-fault person is different than a workers compensation claim, and must be handles by a personal injury lawyer.

Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm has years of experience dealing with claims from construction accidents, We have been successful with claims against large and small construction contractors, and we have the resources to help you with the most serious injury claims. Call Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm today to discuss your on-the-job injury.