Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists know the pleasure, adventure, and usefulness that motorcycles provide. The Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm also knows this, because over half the firm are licensed motorcyclists who ride regularly. What is also known; however, are the dangers that confront motorcyclists daily in Minnesota.

A motorcycle’s visual profile on the road is less that 1/3 of an automobile. However vigilant you are as a motorcyclist, however mindful of the rules of the road, you may still find yourself injured while riding your cycle due to someone else’s negligence. “Start Seeing Motorcycles” is not just a catchy phrase, it is an imperative.

Under Minnesota Law, motorcycles are treated very uniquely. You may find yourself, as an injured motorcyclist, without the insurance coverage you thought you had before your ride began. Insurance law governing motorcycles is much less regulated that car insurance law, and motorcycles are not considered to be “motor vehicles” entitled to the same protection that automobiles and their occupants enjoy. We will review your insurance to make sure you are getting all the coverage you are entitled to claim.

Too often, motorcyclists are seriously injured, sustaining head injuries, disabling leg fractures, and internal injuries due to the negligence of another driver. We have been proud to serve as part of many injured motorcyclists’ recovery team, providing help with wage loss, medical bills, and disability payments.

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