Truck Accidents

The size and weight of trucks makes them a special hazard on the road, and when they are involved in accidents, they usually result in serious, long-lasting injuries to the occupants of the other involved vehicles. Trucks are regulated by the Department of Transportation much more than other vehicles. Our experienced team of lawyers and paralegals will make sure that we know exactly what codes and regulations might have been violated if you have been involved in a collision with a truck. We will get accident reconstruction experts involved in your case if there is a dispute about fault. We will get the official accident and investigation reports and other documentation that supports your claims.

Trucking cases can take years to resolve. They get more difficult to process when the initial investigation is delayed. Act today if you have been involved in an accident with a truck. Call Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm, and get us started on the case, so you can focus on the road to recovery.