Broken Bones and Fractures

Sometimes a broken bone heals without complication in six weeks and there are no further problems. Other times, the fracture leads to a long, painful and incomplete recovery. The type and location of the fracture, and the correct treatment, have much to do with the recovery you will experience.

We have handled cases involving probably every bone in the body, broken in almost every possible type of accident. Car accidents can cause spine injuries like compression fractures and facet joint fractures, as well as broken arms, legs, hands and feet. Construction accidents can also cause serious, multiple fractures.

Whether your fracture has been treated with a cast, surgical plates and screws, wires, nails, or just a simple air splint, we can help you with the case. Your orthopedic surgeon will do all he or she can to get you back to your pre-accident condition, but that’s not always enough.

Your lawyers at Bolt Hoffer Boyd will work to pick up the pieces where the orthopedic surgeons left off. We can help you with claims for disability and pain that go with fractures that cause lasting problems. Call us today for an evaluation of your potential claim.