Injury and Surgery Scars

Scars from an injury, or from the surgery that was made necessary by an accident, can be embarrassing, painful, and ugly. While some may wear them as a badge of honor, most people don’t want to be scarred, and these are compensable injuries. Facial scars, especially scars on children and teens, can be emotionally damaging. When you see a scar in the mirror instead of seeing the rest of you, it is clear that the scar has had an emotional as well as a physical impact on your life.

Scars from burn injuries, dog bites, car accidents, and other types of injuries are part of a case evaluation. It is important for lawyers and insurance companies to know the location and obviousness of a scar, what plastic or reconstructive surgery might be able to do to minimize the scar appearance, and whether the scar will fade with time or remain visible and noticeable.

We are sensitive to the emotional and physical injuries that scars can produce. If you have been injured and have a noticeable scar as a result, we can help you present the most effective case to the responsible insurance company. Call Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm to get started with the process.