Coon Rapids Transfer on Death Deed

Will your house end up in probate when you pass away?  That depends on how you own your house.  If you own real estate as a joint tenant with a right of survivorship, the real estate automatically transfers to the other joint owner or owners upon your death.  A transfer on death deed is an alternative to joint ownership. A transfer on death deed is essentially a beneficiary designation for your house.  If you have filed a transfer on death deed with the county, your house automatically transfers to the person or people listed on the deed upon your death, without going through probate.

In order to make sure a transfer on death deed is the right option for you, it is important to consult with an estate planning attorney.  The attorney can also help you properly draft and record the transfer on death deed, to ensure that it will accomplish your goals.  If you live in the Coon Rapids area, and are thinking about using a transfer on death deed, contact Bolt Hoffer Boyd to speak with an estate planning attorney.