Railroad & Train Accidents and Injury

Bolt Hoffer Boyd is a law firm with national expertise in handling railroad and train accident cases across the country, representing victims and families of those injured or killed in railroad accidents in over thirty jurisdictions. Our train accident lawyers firmly believe that by focusing our attention on public safety and engineering solutions to railroad dangers, we help not only victims and their families, but that our efforts make railroads safer for the entire public and for railroad workers. For our lead railroad attorney, Joe Sayler, forcing railroads to be safer or face consequences is a highly personal mission, as he lost a brother in a railroad accident.

Unlike most law firms who advertise for these cases, we have dedicated attorneys who exclusively handle railroad cases. In fact, many of those other attorneys refer us railroad cases themselves because of our extensive resources and experience handling these highly specialized cases.

Most railroad and train accidents result have catastrophic results and, unfortunately, are almost always preventable if the railroads themselves would implement basic safety systems and measures. Thousands of railroad accidents, injuries, and deaths occur every year. These accidents include pedestrian train accidents, railroad crossings accidents, railroad worker injuries under FELA, derailments, train passenger injuries, derailments, and many others. Our railroad and train accident attorneys have national experience handling these issues. We believe that our work as attorneys and our advocacy has and will continue to make railroads safer for the public and for railroad workers.

Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm has experienced railroad lawyers with the skills and drive necessary to fight against railroads, protect your rights, and prove that your railroad injury was caused by a negligent railroad carrier. Because no two cases are alike, we specifically tailor our legal representation to give each and every client specialized legal to the specific facts of their claim and will not stop until justice is achieved. We are 100% dedicated to every client we take on, no matter how big or small the case. We handle each case with care and commitment to getting you the compensation you need to get back to life as you know it. Contact us at Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation with one of our railroad lawyers today.

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