Train Derailments

Train derailments cause the most widespread damage and often are highly publicized. Train derailments are always preventable and are usually the result of a railroad’s failure to follow established safety and engineering standards and violations of regulations and laws made by the Federal Railroad Administration. Common train derailment causes are:

  • Defective railroad tracks that were not properly inspected or maintained properly
  • Train to train collisions
  • Trains colliding with railroad cars or equipment left on or too near the railroad tracks
  • Defective and faulty railroad equipment that violates federal and state laws
  • Train operators being overworked and not provided with safe equipment and warning systems (such as a second crew member, positive train control, audible alerts, etc.)
  • Railroad failing to maintain ballast and tracks that are prone to washouts or rockslides

Train derailments carry the potential for catastrophic consequences. The forces, speed and weight of the locomotives and train cars is massive, there are millions of tons going high speeds on a typical train, often carrying millions of tons of cargo and hazardous materials. Besides the actual trains derailing, a train’s cargo often contains highly toxic materials, such as oil, chlorine, anhydrous ammonia, and many other toxic chemicals that are too dangerous to be transported on America’s highways. One example occurred when Canadian Pacific Railroad (Soo Line Railroad) failed to maintain its tracks near Minot, North Dakota. Because the tracks dangerously violated federal laws pertaining to the tracks, a train derailed that contain several cars full of anhydrous ammonia. A plume of this toxic chemical covered large sections of the town, resulting in deaths and hundreds of injuries. A good train derailment attorney will advise clients from the start that these cases are highly complex and will be hard fought by the railroads responsible.

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