Referrals and Co-counsel

The Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm considers referrals from other attorneys to be one of the greatest compliments. Because Bolt Hoffer Boyd is among the leading railroad and train accident firms in the country, other lawyers throughout the country often turn to us for assistance with these cases. We maintain an extensive library of internal railroad documents, depositions, scholarly articles and national studies, and briefs for individual railroads and a wide range of railroad and train accidents. We also have good relationships with numerous rail industry experts.

We are always honored to lend our resources, skills, and knowledge to other lawyers and firms. There are countless reasons why a lawyer may want to locate another qualified lawyer to handle a case. No matter the situation, you can contact us with confidence.

Bolt Hoffer Boyd maintains a highly focused railroad and train accident litigation practice. This includes both claims for personal injury and wrongful death, on all areas of railroad related claims, including cases involving Crossings, Pedestrians, Derailments, and FELA.

If your firm is interested in referring us your case or in co-counsel, send us an e-mail or call us at 763-406-7000.