Train Crossing Accidents

Federal Railroad Administration statistics show that more than one person killed every single day at railroad crossings. Our train accident lawyers are devoted to the undeniable truth that almost all of these deaths could be prevented if the rail industry adopted basic engineering safety standards and system safety principles. Railroad crossing accidents can involve cars or trucks being struck, pedestrians being run over, or bicycles and wheelchairs being hit by trains. Common causes of railroad crossing accidents include:

  • Defective railroad crossing gates and signals
  • Trains that fail to sound their horns when approaching crossings
  • Trains that fail to use their lights when approaching crossing
  • Trains parked too close to a crossing
  • Crossings obstructed by plants, vegetation, and other objects
  • Objects protruding from the train
  • Faulty signals, lights, and gates at railroad crossings
  • Lack of bells and other audible warnings
  • Poor crossing designs
  • Track and grade defects that trip pedestrians or cause wheelchairs to get stuck when crossing the tracks.

The collision of a car and a train is comparable to the collision of a car and a soda can – the size and weight of a train moving even at what might seem to be slower speeds result in impacts that cause catastrophic injuries and death. Railroads are also highly regulated, and a good train accident attorney will know to look for areas in which the railroad violated these regulations. Statistics with the Federal Railroad Administration and Operation Lifesaver show that every year thousands of railroad crossing accidents occur, resulting in hundreds of deaths and about a thousand more seriously injured.

A good train accident attorney will tell you that these case are tough and need to be hard fought in court. When a train crossing accident occurs, railroads are quick to tell law enforcement and media outlets that cars drove around gates or drivers were not paying attention. A good train accident lawyer will expect this to have happened in every case. But a good train accident lawyer also knows that digging into the facts of the actual crossing is crucial to uncovering the truth and that in many of these cases the accident could have been prevented and that often there are defective lights and gates or many other preventable reasons for the crash occurring.

Railroads deny liability for almost all train and railroad crossing accidents, making it one of the hardest and most complicated injury and death claims. A good train accident attorney will give honest advice to those hurt or families of those killed in these accidents and will let people know they are highly complex claims.

Bolt Hoffer Boyd’s attorneys have represented people injured and the families of those killed in railroad accidents across the country. For lead railroad attorney Joe Sayler representing victims of train accidents is a deeply personal mission. Joe’s brother was killed in a railroad crossing accident when he was young and he has since devoted his career to advocating for railroad public safety and helping those injured by railroads and the families who have also lost loved ones in train accidents.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a train accident, you need to consider enlisting the help of experienced and knowledgeable train accident attorney, like the ones at Bolt Hoffer Boyd.

Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm has experienced attorneys with the skills and drive necessary to fight against railroads, protect your rights, and prove that your railroad injury was caused by a negligent railroad carrier. Because no two cases are alike, we specifically tailor our legal representation to give each and every client specialized legal to the specific facts of their claim and will not stop until justice is achieved. We are 100% dedicated to every client we take on, no matter how big or small the case. We handle each case with care and commitment to getting you the compensation you need to get back to life as you know it. Contact us at Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation with railroad crossing accident attorney today.