Washington Train Accident 12/18/17

The fatal and devastating train accident near Dupont, Washington on December 18, 2017, came as a tragic shock to all of us. First and foremost, we want to express our condolences for the families of the passengers who lost their lives in this tragic accident, those who have been left in critical condition, and the over one hundred individuals who sustained substantial, hospitalization-inducing injuries. This is trying time for all those involved, but especially the victims and their loved ones.

If you, a family member, or a friend was affected by this accident, you have many questions and immediate concerns. The immediate concern is about the medical care and expenses and that are incurring due to this accident. Everyone is wondering how and why something like this could possibly happen.

The derailment and railroad passenger attorneys at Bolt Hoffer Boyd have navigated all of these questions before, as we have worked with hundreds of others just like you who have been the same situation. Though every case is different, the situation is always frustrating and overwhelming. We will use our extensive resources and knowledge of the railroad industry to do everything we can to help you and work alongside you to make sure that you and your loved ones receive the best possible care. Unlike many firms handling railroad derailments and passenger injuries, we personalize our care for each client and individual.

Who is Bolt Hoffer Boyd and How Can We Help?

Bolt Hoffer Boyd is a law firm with a nationally-based focus on representing members of the public, including Amtrak passengers, who have been injured or killed in train accidents. As was the case in Washington, we ensure victims of train accidents and their families receive proper medical care and that the costs associated with such an accident are fully compensated through legitimate means. Tirelessly, we help families find relief through the extensive resources we have at our disposal and so that you or your loved ones involved in the Washington Amtrak derailment train have the best, most experienced legal team on your side. Bolt Hoffer Boyd’s railroad and train accident attorneys have handled dozens of cases in Washington and have long-standing relationships with Washington attorneys on train accident cases throughout the State of Washington.

Why do I need a lawyer?

As a law firm with experience handling railroad and train accident cases across the country, Bolt Hoffer Boyd has developed an exemplary database of internal railroad documents and testimony, railroad expert consultants for specific safety areas, and many other resources specific to individual railroads. The attorneys representing the railroads we encounter often complain that we have more information and documents concerning their clients than they do. With this knowledge and experience, we employ all of our resources to help you and your loved ones recover. Those currently receiving medical attention in the hospital have serious injuries requiring costly procedures and extended hospital stays to treat their conditions. Families of those that unfortunately lost their lives in the accident are now facing lost income and must learn how to financially take care of their families and funeral costs. We can help guide you through all of these concerns, so that you are empowered confront these difficult situations.

Our attorneys have always had the goal of improving railroad safety through our work. We firmly believe that by holding railroads accountable, one case at a time, the railroad industry becomes safer because it is confronted with consequences to its poor safety records. To accomplish this, we know railroad law inside and out, and employ this knowledge nationwide. That is not to say that we offer “one size fits all” representations, like many of the law firms out there. Instead, tirelessly analyze the facts of your individual case to determine how to best hold railroads, and other entities, accountable. This also includes looking at your personal situation to determine the exact nature and scope of compensation you may receive in a settlement or trial. Ultimately, we will fight on your behalf to ensure that your rights are upheld, even if seems like an uphill and daunting challenge. We welcome this fight. With us handling your case, you can focus on what you should: your health, healing, and assisting family and friends with their needs.

What happened in Washington was an avoidable accident. While news reports and federal investigation are just beginning, our firm is already working with local and national experts to compile the facts and evidence to prove your case. This includes problems with new and under tested track, a lack of positive train control, the train travelling too fast for the curve it was going through, and several other safety concerns. Hiring Bolt Hoffer Boyd to help you with your case will not only give you the opportunity to get the compensation that belongs to you, but you can also take comfort knowing that you will be helping us to force the railroad industry to change their practices and safety protocols for the better.

Now what?

We are aware of the immediacy of your situation and the concerns that you are confronting. We want to help immediately, so please call us today at 763-406-7000, email us, or submit a free inquiry to our railroad attorneys online here. We will provide prompt, personalized help to you, your health and well-being, and support for your family. Our hearts go out to all of the victims of this accident. If you have been injured in the train accident in Washington or had a loved one who lost their lives or were seriously injured, we will advocate to make sure their tragedy is not ignored.

Our Railroad and Train Accident Attorneys

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  • "I cannot say enough about the job Kelly Boyd did for me. My situation was a terrible mess, I had hired another attorney and I had been providing her with a lot of information about my case and witnesses, but at mediation I found out that she had done nothing with the information I had given her. I dropped her and was referred to Kelly on a last minute panic. I literally brought her a grocery bag full of documents and she pulled an all-nighter to put something together for the pretrial the very next day. Kelly prepared very thoroughly and did an excellent job all the way through the process and I honestly came out better than I thought I would. I am also certain that if she were given the chance to represent me from beginning to end, things would have been much different but my previous counsel made such a mess of my situation by not requesting the proper documentation from my ex and several other things. I strongly recommend Kelly Boyd for representation in a divorce case. I have dealt with good as well as bad attorneys and Kelly did a great job for me."

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  • "Kelly Boyd was invaluable in helping my family through a very complicated and very highly conflicted time. In a course of 18 months, I had literally spent tens of thousands of dollars with previous representation handling my post divorce custody issues. We had multiple court appearances during those 18 months going round and round with the same issues; everything, no matter how insignificant was a battle. We were close to our wits ends when we found Kelly. She took the time to answer all my questions; she explained things to me in a way that I could understand and I immediately had a sense of relief. Kelly was very direct and to the point, she handled everything with my ex husband and his attorney for me, she quickly made it very apparent to them that we were no longer going to entertain those same issues anymore. From a scale of 1 to 10, my stress level went from a 200 down to a four. When it was time for another court appearance, she was phenomenal. She was organized, confident well spoken and presented herself as a very dominant force in the courtroom. She knew more about our case in six weeks than my previous attorney knew in 18 months. We have not been back to court since; and I truly believe it has everything to do with her exceptional skills as an attorney. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for our family."

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  • "I was referred to Kelly Boyd’s Law Firm and met with Kelly. I am so thankful for her. She helped me through the hardest time in my life; I can’t imagine life without her. Through several court trials for an OFP along with a very messy and difficult divorce, Kelly was there for me night and day, literally! She is the one that kept me strong and picked me up each time after every difficult situation, which were many. In the court room she was professional, positive, detailed and truthful and that is what got us though and we continued to win in the judges eyes. When I felt there was no one to trust in the world she is the one that I knew I could trust to be there, help me, guide me and to take care of everything. Even though it’s been a year and a half since my finalized divorced I am still finding pieces out that she took care of for me when I didn’t realize it and have that sense of relief and peace. I know that when or if something arises in my future I will know that Kelly will be there for me and have my best interest along with my sons. Thank you Kelly!!"

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