• Why choose us?

    • We are primarily a referral-based law practice.
    • Former clients still refer their friends and relatives to us years after their cases have been resolved.
    • Many physicians and counselors entrust their patients to us when they need legal representation.
    • Lawyers who do not practice personal injury or family law refer their clients to us for help with personal injury and family law cases.
    • All of these referral sources trust us because we treat our clients well, and we have exceeded their expectations.
    About Us
  • Personal Injury

    • Have you been injured in a car accident?
    • Has your insurance company stopped paying your medical bills?
    • Was your injury caused by someone else’s carelessness?
    • Have your injuries not healed as completely as you hoped they would?

    Wondering if you have a case? We can help! No fees are charged until your case is settled.

    Personal Injury
  • Family Law

    • Divorce or post-decree motions?
    • Do you need help with getting or changing child support?
    • Do you need help getting an order so you can see your kids?
    • Are you getting married and want to protect your pre-marital assets?
    • Adoption?

    We offer a free phone consult. We have the experience it takes to help you.

    Family Law
  • Estate Planning, Probate, and Business Law

    • What will happen to your assets when you pass away?
    • Who will take care of your minor children if you pass away?
    • Will your estate have to go through probate?
    • As a business owner: Do you have an exit strategy? Have you properly minimized risks?

    Call for a free phone consultation. We also offer a free sit-down estate planning consultation.

    Estate Planning

Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm. When experience matters…

Personal Injury Practice

At Bolt Hoffer Boyd, we understand our client’s needs. A personal injury attorney needs to be aggressive in the courtroom and compassionate with the people who trust us with their legal needs. We not only offer our clients superior legal representation, but also the much-needed understanding they need to get through this emotional time.

Sad child with divorced parents fighting

Family Law Practice

Divorce, custody, child support, paternity, getting remarried? Any one of these major life events can lead to the need to consult with, or hire, a family law attorney. These major life events are stressful enough without having to face them alone. We have the experience it takes to help you through any one of these major life events.

Couple looking toward future

Estate Planning & Probate

The goal of our estate planning and probate practice is to meet our clients’ needs as they go through life. This means we develop long-term relationships with clients and treat them like family. We help our clients provide care and support for children, protect the family cabin, and prepare for incapacity. Life is unpredictable. Planning is what we do.